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Top-Class Website Design & Development

Websites are an important part of a marketing plan for every business. They are the main way to reach millions of prospects within a very short time. However, not every website will give you desired results. Crewits is a website design and development services provider that stands out among thousands. We take every job knowing it’s another chance to make a new construction on the internet. There are many websites online and we always strive to make yours the best it can be. We create professional designs and take your business to another level, which translates to increased profits.

First impression lasts, that is why every website created by Crewits is attractive and eye catching. No one wants to see how a house looks inside unless its exterior is appealing. Our expert designers take time to choose the design and colours carefully to ensure that your potential clients come running to see what you are offering.

If you want to create a website or redesign your old one, Crewits is your one stop. We know how to craft distinctive, yet appealing websites that send a clear and engaging message to your visitors. Our aim is to balance visual beauty and easy usability while focusing on delivering what your business needs to achieve your goals.

Amazing User and Usability Experience

For a website to be successful, the designer must understand who is likely to visit it and what they will do what they get there. Our designers work as a team and will create website that is easy to navigate, gives quality engagement and has straightforward architecture. Our extensive and rich experience comes handy when combined with our ability to use modern online tools to reach targeted customers


Crewits creates websites that be accessed universally. This is one of the reasons that make the websites that we create rank high with search engines we meet the W3C standards and our accessibility standards are certifiable.  Thanks to our designers who have award winning extensive experience.

Responsive Design

We create responsive websites and they adjust easily to fit in various devices. Today, more than 80% Google searches are done using mobile gadgets. It is clear that tablets and smartphone users will eventually outnumber PC users. This makes it important for every business with their website. You can be assured that you will not miss potential clients because we use responsive design in every website. People will access it through a laptop, smartphone, desktop or a tablet.