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We take the guessing game out of your website!

  • Is your website design producing engagements?
  • Is your website inspiring quality conversions?
  • Is your website driving quality traffic?
  • Is your website bringing you return on investment (ROI)?

Every business is unique in some way so every website must be unique too. You want your website to stand out and work well for your business in terms of being the ‘face’ of your business, a marketing tool, an information portal for potential clients and customers and perhaps an online shop. We will immerse ourself in your business, engage with your ethos and branding in order to provide the best advice possible for your specific web design or marketing project.

We can help you with the following:

  • Website planning
  • Website specifics
  • Website design process
  • Strategic business planning
  • Social media marketing training.

Few happy client who hired us for web consulting service


We have few varieties of small business consulting packages that are sure to deliver great results while allowing us to earn your trust for a bigger project.

  • User Experience (UX) Design Diagnostic – Do you feel like something is wrong with your website or perhaps you feel something is broken, and you’re not sure of what the problem is? We will put your website into series of test to improve its speed, usability, conversion and design for $499.
  • SEO Recommendation – Having difficult ranking on Google? You need more traffic? We’ll audit your website’s SEO and provide you with detailed SEO recommendations for $499.

Website Consulting FAQs

What exactly is website consultation?

We define website consultation as the process of doing what is necessary in a short period of time, while helping you to see into the future more clearly. This means talking, planing, evaluating, diagnosing and fixing minor stuff.

Thanks to new technologies website consultations can be carried out in person or remotely. 90% of our consultation is done remotely using our project management tools and virtual meeting softwares.

What is the job of a website consultant?

As your website consultant here are few things we will help you with.

  • Help you plan a website strategy
  • We will create user personas for your website
  • Design/Build wireframes or prototype
  • Gather & analyze your website data
  • Improve your search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Evaluate if you need to rebuild your website
  • Help you fix common website issues & errors
  • Build a sitemap of your website
  • And much more!
What are your fees & rate for website consulting?

Our Fees and rates for website consulting varies depending on the complexity of your website/project. Fees could range anywhere from $350 to $3500 per consulting or $150 per hour.